Sunday, February 3, 2013

Insomnia Makes Me Unproductive

I never understood how insomnia can SO negatively affect a person until I myself was plagued by it. In fact, I never thought I would ever have insomnia because for almost all my life, sleep was never a problem.

But until I became self-employed and worked from home, when my working days are full of sitting in front of the computer with very less physical movement, I started having problem getting sleep at night.

I go to bed together with my husband at usually midnight and while hubby quickly doze off to sleep, I lay wide awake until four, and later, until seven o´clock in the morning.

As the alarm clock goes on signalling it´s time to get up and prepare for the day, only then I´d feel groggy, terribly tired, and I´d sleep. I would then spend more than half of the day sleeping.

The bad effects of this are that, as I rise from bed at past noon time, I still feel tired, unhappy, uncreative, and overall unproductive. I´m already at the point when I feel frustrated. In order to combat this insomnia, I and my husband agreed to actively go back to exercising. Starting this week, we´ll go to the gym daily and we will see if this will help regulate my sleep. I´ll let you know.

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