Friday, February 18, 2011

I dreamed of great white shark attacking me, I need dream interpretation

A great white shark with dangerous sharp teeth ready for a bite chased me in my dream last night. I woke up morbidly horrified. I was standing in the water close to the shore, seeing some friends – which I couldn’t identify on my waking time – swim. A guy friend called out to me informing me that there’s a white shark heading to my direction. I turned around and saw its huge body swimming speedily towards me. It looked very angry. I ran towards the shore and climbed an unfinished skeletal house. I hanged on the roofing frame of the house just in time when the shark attacked me. It hit the wooden post of the house and it fell to the sand. The shark then turned into a student, my student from year 8 (a boy that I’m actually fond of). He smiled lovingly at me and said that he was simply joking, and then he was gone. I saw myself smiled back at him, remained in my position, still very scared, wondering what it meant.

I woke up. I got off my bed and went to the toilet to pee, sleepily pondering my dream. The feeling of fear was still very strong. I said a quick prayer in my mind when I went back to sleep. There was one person that immediately came to my mind while I thought of the shark, that person is not the student in my dream.

When I slept back I had again very interesting dream. There was a sort of retreat for people and students that I seem to know. There were lots of them. The group stopped for a swim in a somewhat akin to a lake. Everyone went down to the water, each carrying a fish of different size, some small, some big, to feed the big sharks that are in the water. There were lots of laughing; everyone seemed to have fun feeding all the vicious sharks. I was standing on a rock beside the lake, watching and wondering if it’s safe for the people.

When all the fish were spent everyone hurried to climb up to the edge of two rocky platforms in each side of the lake. The sharks were after them. Both kids and adults all ran for their safety, terrified by the beasts that chased them. Everyone escaped safely except for one man. His right foot was bitten by a shark before he was able to hop on the rock. I saw him froze; only the upper part of his body was visible while the lower half was still in the water. Then I saw his face winced. Somebody pulled him out of the water. I saw his bleeding footless leg.

That’s weird isn’t it? When you wake up from a very terrifying dream then sleep back just to have it continued? I saw just too many sharks in one night.

So the moment I got up this morning I googled for the dream interpretation of shark. And here’s what I got. According to Deanna Joseph of Dreams Site:


Sharks may represent predators or predatory situations in waking life. This can be a person, a relationship, or even a job situation that feels as if it is taking a serious toll on your life. Look at your waking life and see if there is a situation that feels predatory.


A similar interpretation is that of a dangerous situation. The shark may come into one's dream as an omen, a warning that one is in deep water, in over one's head, and that the results of continuing on may be disastrous.


Animals in dreams often stand in for parts of one's self. As underwater creatures, sharks may represent deep emotions hidden in the unconscious. Since many people associate negatively with sharks, the shark may represent negative emotional states such as frenzied anger or resentment. The shark may be symbolic of the destruction these emotions can bring about if not recognized and dealt with.

The shark, especially if it is chasing you, may represent emotions that feel irrational and uncontrollable. Similarly, the shark may be standing in as a "shadow" symbol - parts of one's self that one is not acknowledging.

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