Monday, July 23, 2012

Do You Play Online Casino for Real Money?

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I and my husband love to play a game, we call it a pretend game. This usually happens whenever we´re cuddled on our sofa and the conversation flows to our finances.

The game would start with me asking, "What if we win 10, 000 euro? I probably would buy me five pairs of Jimmy Choo." Then hubby would interrupt, "Ah, that´s not a lot at all. Make it a million instead." Then we´ll drift into day dreaming thinking how awesome it´d be to renovate our house here in Germany, we´ll build a pretty house in the Philippines, and my husband would build my parents a bigger house, give them additional capital for their grocery store and add security equipments. We´re free to dream but we think only of the most important, based in reality.

But the problem is, we sure will never win any money because we don´t play lottery or casino. We just don´t.

Although I was never enticed to play any form of gambling, for fun or for monetary aims, I do wonder how addicting it would be. I recently came across  casinobonus and was amazed with how big its audience is. Is this site for people who hate wasting time in facebook or watching some nonsense YouTube video and prefer to spend their free time playing for fun hoping to cash out some money and buy them some beer instead? Or is this site for people who seriously wish to win big bucks? I wanted to know so I probed deeper.

They have thousands of feedburner subscribers and over twenty thousand facebook fans. That´s honestly a lot of figure. Reading more about the site I gathered that readers are enticed to play casino online because the site offers no deposit bonus. The way I understand it is that you can play without actually paying out some real money and when you win, you can cash out quick your profit. It´s like profiting without the need of capital.

Reading through the comments in the site I understood that the players usually receive casino bonuses in their casino account and emails and they can use it to play casino just for fun. There´s nothing really wrong about this because they´re not spending any money, but the danger lies on being engrossed with the game and once the free chips ran out but they still have the drive to play eager to salvage back the chips that used to be theirs, then they´re tempted to use their own money. And this is how it works. It´s very easy to slip and get overwhelmed, there´s a lot of excitement. But is this really a win-win for fun kind of game?

My grandfather who used to be very well-off was forced to file for bankruptcy after he was addicted to gambling. It all started with friends inviting him for fun, fun which eventually ended in misery. So you see, this urged me to be very careful in trying to play casino. And to be safe, not play at all.

How about you? How do you find online casino games? Do you play for fun?


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