Hi, my name is Glee and this is the haven for my thoughts. I´ve started this blog in 2009 to compile my short stories and essays but it grew into a personal blog where I share my experiences and the lessons I learned as I walk through life. (My prose and poetry were instead moved to my blog, Glee in Pen)

I often get very personal in this blog. It´s like my best friend whom I talk to and pour out my feelings. I leave the most personal parts for me though, but what I write here are always honest expressions of my thoughts and heart.

I abandoned this blog for over a year when I got caught up building my professional websites, Creative Fashion, Creative Fashion Kids, and Offbeat Marriage. I thought I´d leave for good but after I found myself alone in Europe save my husband, a new immigrant with no girl friends to talk to and with a big language barrier to beat, I searched for my way back home ... and this is home.

I hope you´ll enjoy dipping in my thoughts. Have fun!


gleeglenn (at) yahoo (dot) com

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