Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How Your Thoughts Control Your Happiness

"The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts." ~ Anonymous

I met this proverb in facebook, it´s circulated around, shared by many users to inspire those who read it. This proverb isn´t new, it´s been said by many people in different mediums and in different ways. But are we actually reading the message?

Everyone of us seek to be happy. We have different definition of happiness. Other people search for it by acquiring more money, others hope to find happiness by looking beautiful, while others hope to be happy by inflicting misery on others. But no matter how much we chase for happiness, it remains illusive to many. Why?

The answer is simple - unless you learn to entertain only quality thoughts, you will never be happy. Instead, you´ll feel stressed.

Quality thoughts are thoughts that make you smile, give you hope, inspire you, make you thankful of all your gifts and blessings, fuel you with gratitude, encourage you to be content, and above all, thoughts that praise your Maker.

Although negative thoughts are often stronger than quality, positive thoughts, the good news is our mind can be trained. You can control your thoughts the same way your thoughts control your happiness.

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