Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Would You Do If You Arrive at the Fork in the Road?

Choosing which path to take isn´t always easy.
You sometimes find yourself at a fork in the road. For someone like me who isn´t good with remembering landmarks and finding directions, if I´m at a fork and I´m not sure which path to take, I stop.

I look at each road for a moment, pray, and then listen to my guts. I rely on my instinct.

Because I have a big trust in God, I believe that through my instinct, He will let me know the right way. And for how many instances, more than I could count, He never failed to show me the way.

Right now I find myself at a fork of the road once again. I´m not at loss of my way home literally, but I´m lost in terms of my career.

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I remember a post I wrote in 2010 about my rant on changing career. Well, I actually did change career. I left my teaching profession to become a full-time blogger. I hoped that online publishing will open doors for my ultimate dream, to become a published writer.

I concentrated on my passion for fashion. I focused all my time and energy in my fashion blog. But after almost two years of hard work and I´ve achieved the goals that I first set for my blog, I´m starting to lose that loving feeling. I blog just for the sake of maintaining the blog. And as a result, I see the downfall of my blog on a daily basis.

When I think of how much I´ve put on this website, I know that I have to do something to save it, bring it back to where it was in terms of google rankings, and keep it from complete ruin. But another side of me tells me, probably it´s time to follow my good old dream?

I recently read a quote that says, "Don´t abandon what you really want to do because of what you want to do now." It hit me, that´s true. While I love fashion and nothing makes me happier than writing about fashion, my ultimate dream is to write a fiction book. At this fork of the road, I have to decide.

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