Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why People with Pets are Happy People?

My adopted pet named Orange
Did you know that people with pet are happy people? They´re also usually nice people. Well, that doesn´t mean just because you haven´t got a pet you ain´t nice. You probably are busy, no time to care for a pet, or that the place you live in isn´t conducive for a pet. But let´s say everything is perfect, would you love to have a pet?

Just when I craved to have a cat and my husband adamantly said "No", he found an abandoned cat in a cold, lonely street one Friday of November. It was the beginning of winter and the temperature was starting to get freezing. The cat was sick and clearly needed help. My husband debated not in himself, he quickly brought it home.

We named him Orange because of his color and because we were uncertain of his gender at first. We didn´t know if somebody i looking for him so we waited for a week, hoping that nobody would look for him and take him away from us. But in case somebody did, we were ready to return him. But after a week and we didn´t find anybody looking for him both in public "lost and found" boards and in news papers, we decided to take him as our own. We brought him to the vet to fix his bronchitis, and slowly, he regained his health.

He is currently the joy of our life and the center of our attention. He´s very spoiled especially to dad and is so loved by everyone including grandma. He simply the greatest gift I received last Christmas.

So if you ask me, why people with pets are happy people? It´s simple, there´s someone who always love to snuggle, to pet, and there´s always someone who makes you smile, making you forget any trouble you have. A pet is a perfect distressor.

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