Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Growing Dislike On Kate Beckinsale

I used to really admire her, I was head-over-heels in love with her on that good old movie "Serendipity" and I was in big awe with all the stunts she did in "Underworld". I saw her as a dainty, sweet little creature with a beauty to admire.

But when I learned about how she stole someone else´s husband and father, when she started that affair with her Underworld director who was very married with a young kid, my admiration completely turned to dislike. I hate reading all the news about her enjoying a really hot and over-the-top sex life with her now husband but, don´t you really think how painful it is to the family that you broke? She simply didn´t live up to my adoration. And oh, I´m neither impressed with her bragging that she doesn´t wear knickers!

When questioned about her stealing someone else´s husband, her defense is that universal defense of the world´s mistresses and home wreckers, "their marriage was already on the rocks when we started dating. They were already separated when we became together." Which of course, the first wife claimed wasn´t true. Kate was always rude and had nothing good to say to her when the first wife visited her husband in the sets of the Underworld.

"Kate Beckinsale doesn´t know how to treat other women well", was how the first wife describes her.

I don´t have anything personal against Kate but I have this big thing against people destroying a marriage much more a home just to pursue their own personal happiness.

Oh, and please don´t hate me if you love this actress!

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