Thursday, May 9, 2013

Enjoying a Warm Spring Day

Me, posing under a bright colored tree
Probably the hardest downside of being self-employed and working from home is the limited social contact with other people. Most of the time you´re alone, scheming for ways to build up your small business.

Being stuck at home most of the time make me appreciate the gift of being able to go out, walk around, and spend some time away from my computer.

As you know, living in Europe has its own cons too and one of it is the long winter. Cold seasons are much more longer than warn seasons. That means staying home where it´s warm most of the time in a year.

But yesterday was different. It was gorgeously warm and sunny, my husband picked me up from home (on his way from work) so we could drive to the city and walk around. I enjoyed it immensely.

It´s also a form of bonding for us. We talk as we walk, we laugh, hold hands, and just enjoy each other´s company. I also got to enjoy my favorite fish burger teamed with some ice-cream, yummy.

On our way to the parking lot, we saw this beautiful pink tree. It looks like blooming fully with flowers although the pink aren´t its flowers. Click the photo for a bigger view. This is a remembrance of a beautiful spring afternoon spent well.

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