Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Pangs of Bullying Bully Me In Dreams

For three days I was haunted in my dreams, the dreams appeared in pattern, always at dawn. I see that young girl again, at times a tiny primary school girl, then suddenly, she turns into an inferior high school girl.

Her classmates make fun of her, bully her, tease her because of her clothes, tease her because of her old, spoiled shoes that she keeps wearing even if her socks are already showing out, teased her until she could not bare her anger anymore and she turns violent.

She fought back, kicked that one bitch who leads the high school mean girls in shaming her, kicked that bitch hard in the face, and then jumped on her, brought her to the ground and punched, pounding her face until she lost her teeth.

I woke up. I still feel the anger, the hatred, and I see clearly how that girl returned her bullies evil. She used her fist, she beats them. Good for her!

You´d never think this grown up, self-made woman who has already reached a level of success still transforms into that little girl who´s being made fun of, a small girl who needs to defend herself from bullies, whenever she goes to sleep.

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