Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Perils of Over Creative Mind

If there´s one thing that I´d want invented, it´s a mind recorder.  You know, like those things you see in sci-fi movies,where wires and tubes are attached to a head which allows the tranlations from the mind to be entered and recorded in the computer.

I know that there´s a new technology that enables paralyzed and unable-to-speak people to command things and make them move through their mind. But there´s nothing I´ve heard of, which records your thoughts and then translate them into texts.

I know that this invention can cause chaos and your privacy is easily ruined, but I´d like to look at the good side. I need this invention so all the creative thoughts that occupy me at night will come to terms.

I suffer from insomnia because of a very hyper mind. When I go to bed, I´m supposed to sleep, but I have a hard sleeping because my mind works all the time and keeps introducing me with great ideas. There were times when I want to get up and go to my laptop and write the things that just came to me, but then my body is too tired.

I write five blogs, in fact six. Three of them are professional websites while the other three are personal sites (each with different niche). Well, except this one, it´s too general it has no niche other than my personal rambles. But I still want to write three more sites. I have three more topics I´m very fond of and want to build and launch.

The big reality however, even if my mind is so creative it wants to work more, the body can´t just keep up. It gets tired quicker than my mind. And that´s the biggest problem with an over active mind.

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