Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to Enjoy Doing Something You Hate to Do

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It´s Sunday night, a quarter to midnight, and after a very long day, I´m able to sit at my working table to check my emails, facebook, twitter, and to quickly do this post. I´m spent but I feel very satisfied. My house is as clean as brand new and the piles of clothes for ironing worth two months are now saved wíth only a few pieces of long sleeves and a couple of bed sheets. I was quite worn out and I decided, it´s enough for today.

You see, when I do decide I´d do ironing, I don´t want to leave it unfinished. I want to do everything, three or four baskets of  (overflowing) clothes, for seven to eight hours of work, because I know that it´d take me months to again find the energy and interest to put my hands on it. I simply hate doing ironing.

But I´m a wife. My husband needs his working clothes ironed so he´d look presentable at work. I´m really lucky that my husband has a big closet to support him for two months until he´d completely run out. I know when I have to iron because it´d start feeling the stress on him on mornings when he´s dressing up. That means he´s starting to run out of clothes.

So how do I find the drive to actually keep up for long hours of ironing when I actually hate it? Well, first off, I need to have the mood. When I feel like I´m good to do the work, I make the most of that mood and sustain it by thinking about happy things. The television is also turned on and whether it´s a news report, a football game or an Xfactor singing competition that´s showing, I listen intently on the words spoken, it helps to improve my Deutsch. I feel good working while learning at the same time. Oh, how I love multi-tasking.

But once I do ironing, I can´t leave it  to prepare a meal, otherwise, I´d be lazy to go back. I have to take advantage of the mood. Then comes my husband´s help. He does the cooking and prepping for dinner. He knows I can´t be disturbed. That´s what I call teamwork. This must explain why my mood to do house chores always strikes on Sundays, when my husband is around to help me complete the chores.

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