Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dream Interpretation: Fresh, Green Leaves

dream interpretation of leaves
I know when a dream´s worth interpreting because it sticks in my head all day. Just like one of the many dreams I dreamed last night. I saw these very fresh and green tiny leaves in my hands, they´re rounded in shape.

According to my dream, they were very special leaves. They couldn´t be found anywhere on Earth but under it. I saw myself digging the ground until I found little tunnels where the leaves have enough space to grow, I was actually wondering where they get oxygen.

The dream ended with me enjoying the sight of the very green leaves on both my palms, I was standing somewhere in the forest.

Being a dream interpretation addict as I am, I googled today what the leaves meant on my dream. I found out that healthy and fresh leaves denote happiness and wonderful improvement in your business. While withered leaves, indicate false hopes and gloomy forebodings will harass your spirit into a whirlpool of despondency and loss.

These findings fueled me with inspirations. Is something good awaits my thriving business? But on the other hand, another interpretation said that leaves can also denote achievements you had during the day. And I´m like, Oh, no! I had actually a very productive day before the dream, I´ve worked for my business even it´s a Sunday, I´ve cleaned the house and did almost all the ironing. But it can´t be the dream, is it?

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