Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Horror of Having a Monster-in-Law

Whole day I´ve been so disturbed by the MMK story I saw over the internet last night. MMK is a filipino tv show which airs the true-to-life, usually heavy drama stories of filipino viewers. The story I saw last night was about a family which was broken because of a manipulative, arrogant, selfish, and money-seeker mother-in-law. The husband went to Saudi as an OFW and he made his mom live with his wife and three young children. Then started the calvary of the wife.

The son sent his salary to his mom and the mom controls the money and how it is spent. She also controls the daughter in-law in everything, literally. This story really pisses me off because the wife ended up so helpless. At one point she was beaten by her mom-in-law and when she fought back, the mom-in-law screamed for help and the neighbors came for her aid, driving the daughter-in-law from her own house and away from her kids. The monster-in-law then invented stories that the wife had an affair and is not a good mom, which the husband immediately believed.

As it turned out, the husband was all the time having an affair with another woman who then replaced the position of the first wife when the wife was driven away from home, raising the kids as her own. Whenever the mom wanted to see her kids, she simply wasn´t allowed to enter her own home. She tried to call her husband abroad but she couldn´t reach him. The mom-in-law then poisoned the mind of the kids turning them against their own mom.

The whole story was just so pissing me off that I can´t even continue telling you the story but here´s the point. Sons who couldn´t defend their wives against their manipulative moms, who are one-sided believing only what their mother says without clarifying to their wife, who makes decision alone with his mom excluding the wife, and who are all the time still mama´s boy, SHOULD MARRY THEIR MOM! They don´t need a wife, they just need a mom, so they might as well marry each other!

And for the wives who never learned to fight for their rights and who bow down to manipulative mother in laws, here´s what I´ve got to say. Nobody treat you bad unless you allow them to treat you bad.


  1. Very well said, Glee! This is really a common marriage issue. I know one friend who got a manipulative MIL. Her marriage got broken, too. It's really good to live away from in-laws, especially MIL as interference can't be avoided.

  2. That´s true ate Eunice. There´s just this element of rivalry between a mom-in-law and daughter in law that no matter how nice each other tries to be, intervention is always there.


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