Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Pain of Losing a Loved One

I recently lost my grandpa on my father´s side. He was a dear old man who was bed ridden for over three years before he finally gave in. We received the news via text message from my dad that he´s gone last Saturday night at 1am here in Europe which was early Sunday in the Philippines, and I cried my eyes out. Throughout my grieving process, my husband was beside me, embracing. My grandpa´s burial was today.

There´s a lot to share about this event, but it´s still very painful to share as of now. Once the pain subsides, I´ll go back to this story and share it here because there´s a lot to learn from it.

For now, check the poem I wrote for him two weeks before he left - The Medicine. I originally posted it at my poetry blog.

Photo credit: weheartit


  1. I lost my dearest grandpa (father's side) back in college and it was the first loss I suffered most. Hope you'll get through it all, Glee! Hugs and prayers...

    1. Thank you ate Eunice, I´m starting to accept it.


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