Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thank God, Burn Out Finally Hits Me!

I´m really turning into a computer geek! For a year now since I moved to Germany, my life has evolved around my laptops, my websites and my online entrepreneurship dreams. I´m very ambitious, I want my fashion blogazine to grow big, quick. I also want my marriage blog to grow into a fulfilling and active community, but boy, how much work they require?

On top of that, I also have my personal style blog that I couldn´t afford to totally abandon so after half a year of not publishing it, I just found myself crawling back to it. Then here´s my online journal, while it´s not demanding too much time, it´s page rank and traffic decreased a ton after not writing on it actively for like a year. Could you believe that I´m still launching another website? Yeah, I´m prepping for it too, the launch of Creative Fashion for Kids. That´s how ambitious I am. I want to expand my online territory.

Bu I´m happy that today, I felt very burned out. So much so that I started planning what I have to do in order to get some me-time. I decided I better sacrifice this week writing two quality articles per stay for my fashion magazine, four articles for two weeks worth of posts for my marriage blog, and some alternating posts for my personal blog, then schedule them to go live until next week. That way, I get the entire week next week having more freedom, enjoying promoting the blog by visiting other blogs, do my yoga routines here at home before I start to work, and start to deal with my overflowing stash of laundry for ironing. 

I owe myself some free time, I´ve punished her enough to to work hard so much without enjoying much of life. I´m up into this challenge and I´ll update you soon how it´s going.

How about you? How do you deal with burn out?

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  1. Yay for me time! You deserve it. I think a nice pedicure is in order.

    I work online a lot too. What I find most helpful in getting through each day is getting up in between each task. So I complete one article, get up and take a break - even if it's short. I go get a fresh cold drink or set something out to thaw for dinner. If I have nothing else to do I get some exercise. I get me time in 5-10 minute increments throughout the day. During that time I refuse to look at the computer. It's weird but I get more work done and feel much less stressed when I take these little breaks.

    I also maximize my time online as best I can. I write articles on things I need to know in my daily life or things I already know. So that helps me get the articles done faster.

    Then I force myself off of the computer at a certain time of night. The work will be there tomorrow and if I take an hour for myself at night the work won't fall apart, break down or disappear. It waits for me.

    Pamper yourself with little things. Maybe get the nice water bottle at the store so it keeps your water fresh while it sits on your desk all day. Or get a nice chair cushion that makes your body feel more comfortable while you work. And always look away from the computer for 10 seconds every 20 minutes. For me, I keep the TV on and every so often I look up and see what's going on. It forces my eyes to focus differently and keeps me from getting the eye strain associated with too much computer usage. Also, make sure you exercise your wrists so you don't get carpal tunnel. (Sorry, as an avid writer I tend to write too much. Oops. :D)

  2. These are really great ideas, dear. I can definitely use them. I become abusive of myself whenever I´m faced with my laptop. But I know this has to change. Thanks.


Thank you for your time. I'll get back to you soon. :)