Friday, July 6, 2012

Have You Ever Experienced Deja Vu?

Did you ever have deja vu? Last Saturday morning, around six, I dreamed of asking my husband if we could go early to church. He said he´s not feeling well. In my thoughts I reasoned that yeah, he did sound like having a flu during his sleep.

An hour later and I was fully awake, I lovingly woke him up. He was quite warm. I asked if he could come to church with me and he said he´s not feeling well. I´m like, okay, I think I dreamed about this.

He had fever and flu so I decided to also stay at home and take care of him. We both were unable to go to church. After giving him some medicine, breakfast and lunch, he seemed okay. I thought the sickness would quickly go away.

We chatted with his relatives from the Philippines via Skype and he way upbeat. In the late afternoon we both felt tired and we had a nap in our living room. Around the evening I got up whie he reamined asleep ´til eight o´clock. I gave him dinner when he woke up around past eight and after that, he went to his computer and did what he normally does, surf the net and play games.

At eleven at night he went to bed while I stayed in the living room, still blogging. I heard him coughing all the the time and thought that maybe he could not sleep and still watches TV. I was engrossed with my work until 2am and noticed that his coughing did not stop and it was actually getting worse. So I went to check him out and found that he´s not watching TV at all, he just couldn´t sleep because of the coughing and he´s already feeling tired.

I gave him medicine for coughing, I applied Vicks Vaporub on his chest and back, and massage him remembering what my mom told me, that when someone has a bad cough, the area under the collar bone and above the chest should be massaged. It will hurt but continue the massage until the pain subside. I did what I hoped would work but none did work. he was coughing, unable to breath properly because his nose was clogged and he was already weak. I gave him a steam to improve his breathing. It helped but the coughing was still there.

I felt tired myself and I fell to sleep. I think I was able to sleep for like an hour (despite my husband continually coughing in the background) when I heard him exclaimed, "ich kann nicht mehr!", I cannot anymore.

I woke up and asked if I should bring him to the hospital. He said I can´t drive and with his state, i won´t manage to drive. But I can also call for a taxi so it´s possible. But he refused.  All the time I did was pray. I felt pity for my husband. All I wanted for him is to get a sleep. In the morning I gave a steam once again and a massage. By noon of Sunday, he was able to sleep and I felt relieved.

By Sunday night his coughing subsided but a high fever replaced. Throughout the night I made him drink plenty of water, waking him up every now and then. I believe in water therapy to defeat a high fever quick. He was sweating all night and was peeing all the time. I kept changing his clothes.

On Monday morning his fever was down. That day our house doctor was back from a three-week-holiday so my husband drove to his clinic for a check up and medicines.

He was ordered to stay at home for a week and was given antibiotics and three different medicines. Throughout this ordeal i hated to have to stay away from him. I could not hug nor kiss him. And I missed him. he stayed in the bedroom while I stayed most of the time in the living room. This is so I could not get infected too.

By Tuesday afternoon he checked me out in the living and hugged me. He said he missed me and that he´s thankful for my care. This is the first time in our one year marriage that my husband fell ill. I learned that when someone is sick in marriage, it´s a very sad time but that one has to stay strong and help the partner who is sick.

And then it hit me, it´s been years, in fact a decade, that I never had deja vu. Not until now ...


  1. I've experienced this quite a bit throughout my life. I've even had experiences in real life that I remember experiencing in dreams, etc. I have a lot of premonition type dreams and daydreams as well. It's so odd, especially when I feel that deja vu feeling. It's never a normal feeling. It makes you stop and think.

    I'm glad your hubby got better and that you were there to care for him.

    1. I guess the frequency of deja vu occurences vary on individuals. For me it took years before I had this experience again. Other people who experience a lot of it, like lots of premonitions, are sometimes said to have third eye. :)


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