Monday, June 25, 2012

Should I Buy an Ipad Even if I Don´t Need It?

Even if I ignored it for a long while, I was one day hit with the thought, I´m the only one who has no ipad in my group of friends. I know that two of my friends bought for themselves an ipad when it became a trend, but lately, through their facebook photos I realized everyone has it but me.

I spoke to my husband and told him that I feel leftout because of not having this technology which seems to be a norm. I and hubby are not really into fancy stuff, we never ever talked about buying expensive iphones or ipads and we´re quite content of what we have.

I have two laptops, a fancy extra keyboard and a bigger monitor which I use for my work, My husband has the newest laptop available (yes, he spent a fortune for it) and a desktop which he uses for his second job. He too got an extra keyboard and a big monitor. We used to be content with these, but not anymore since I started talking about buying an apple ipad.

We have money to spend for it, why not get us one too to be like everyone else. So for a week my husband searched over the internet for a possible ipad to buy, and we were inspired. Then suddenly, while having breakfast, I asked, "Why we need an ipad?" My husband replied, "Well, we don´t really need an ipad. We just want to have it." As we talked, we came to the realization that we don´t need to have an ipad but we just want to buy one because we want to be like everyone else.

At that point I decided that I don´t want an ipad anymore. I don´t care if I don´t keep up with the trend and if I´m not like everyone else, I´m not bothered. My husband supported my decision.

What about you, do you have an ipad? Is it a need or just a want?

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