Friday, June 15, 2012

My Marriage Made me Jobless

Okay, that sounds very negative but I chose that title because I think it grabs attention quicker. While my marriage technically made me jobless, it´s not because of some bad reasons. Here´s the story.

I was a high-school Maths teacher and a debate trainer for eight years. I had both the ups and downs in my career but I was doing well establishing myself, achieving self-actualization, and enjoying financial freedom ... until I got married.

I was working in Asia while my fiance (now husband) was living and working in Germany. Six months after we got married, I moved to live with him in his country. But it also meant moving away from my career.

In this city where we live, there are no international schools where I can apply. I inquired in the city government about the possibility of me getting a job here as a teacher but because of the different educational system of the country, my qualifications don´t apply. In short, I can´t work here as a teacher unless I get a job in an international school. I know there are a few in Berlin and probably one in Frankfurt, but we live 10 hrs from Berlin and an hour by train from Frankfurt. If I were to pursue a job, I would have to live apart from my husband.

This is something we don´t consider. I moved here so we can be together. Period.

But this reality didn´t sink in easy. Accepting the fact that in order for us to stick together I would have to sacrifice having a career was a little difficult. In fact, this issue caused sgnificant conflicts at the beginning of our marriage.

I will discuss more about my struggle to adjust as a jobless stay-at-home wife in my next posts ... so stay tune.

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