Saturday, June 23, 2012

How Facebook Helped to Reconnect Me to Long Lost Childhood Friends

I grew up a nomad. Well, a modern nomad. My parents dragged me and my siblings around the archipelago of my home country, between islands. That explains how I lost my childhood friends. I went to four schools for my elementary education and to four schools in high school, making friends each school year and leaving them behind every end of the year.

 It was always difficult as a child to adjust to a new environment. But it was as difficult as an adult not to have a tangible roots, not to be able to tell exactly which hometown I came from, and not to have connections to childhood friends. The memories are all there, but most faces are blurred and names are forgotten.

But recently I stumble a profile in facebook with name that´s very familiar to me. I felt that I knew her back in my childhood days. I added her as friend and left her a message, "your name looks very familiar to me but I´m not sure if we do know each other?" She shortly added me and replied, "we do know each other. We were classmates back in elementary."

It was the start to a long chat, catching up with our classmates. Recalling the names of the others in the class, and thought her, I found some of our other classmates. I also learned from her that a good young boy from our class, when they were in high school, was killed when he went fishing and their boat broke down and sank. It was sad.

But it´s good to know what have become of everyone. There were the mean girls back and our days who always bullied and hated me. I was curious of how they did in their lives. And I had some good laugh. I also realized how much I´ve been blessed. Most importantly, I learned that life is definitely like a wheel. Those who were acting like above me when we were kids, are no longer above me to date.

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