Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coming Back Home ..

I abandoned this blog for a long ... time. I´ve spread my wings, branched out and built professional blogs, in fact, professional blogazines, but one day I woke up, I´ve no close friends around, I´m adjusting to a new country and culture (not to mention weather), strugling while settling in my new career, and other than my husband who´s very supportive, I´ve nobody to talk to.

I´ve neven been a person to check out the weather every morning, I was never a person to notice simple beauties such as tiny indoor plants and find joy in them. Now, usually alone in the house (saved my laptop and the facebook) until my husband comes home, I somehow grow into a new person. But not quite new. In fact, I´m finding ways to feel at home.

And then one morning, I just realized I want my old home back. This blog was for over two years a home to my thoughts, opinions and dreams. This blog was with me when I was growing in my career in Asia, when I met my future husband, and this blog had witnessed all the joy of my relationship including my wedding.

I´m sporting a pro personality online but I realized, I need a home where I can simply be me and pour out what´s in my heart. I need not look somewhere else, my home is here, in this blog "A Peek Into My Life and My Thoughts". You´ll be hearing more from me, from now on. :)

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