Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4 Tips Men Can Use to Make Their Relationships Healthier

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As a man, there are several things that you can do to contribute to a healthy relationship, including communicating and being intimate with your partner, being sensitive to your partner's needs, being confident, and being true to yourself.

Relationships may be harder to deal with than you think. As a man who is concerned about the quality of your relationship with your spouse or girlfriend, you have to do your part. Here are some useful tips to make your relationship with your partner better and healthier:

Communicate and be intimate with your partner

One key piece of relationship advice for men is to communicate. Communication is an important component in a successful relationship, second only, of course, to the love you have for each other. Openness is what most men lack, and that can cause problems to grow and weaken the relationship. Make it a habit to talk about your adventures, concerns, dreams, and even your fears over a cup of coffee every day. Remember that communication must be give and take. Listen to your partner when she needs to talk something out. You can also let her speak first if you are more comfortable with that. This may not come easy for you, but slowly opening up, perhaps starting with the not so personal stuff, can help you get a fresh start towards intimacy and trust.

Be sensitive to the needs of your other half

Women love to shower you with love and attention, reflecting their own need for you to reciprocate similarly. Prove to your lady that you can be as caring and responsive as she is. Be a gentleman always. Do not forget to do the little things that can make her smile, such as opening the door for her, giving her a seat, carrying her, and even simply asking how her day was. Surprise her with flowers from time to time or take her on a date somewhere special, even if there is no occasion. Sweet little gestures like these will help strengthen the bond you have.

Be confident

Weakness is never a manly pose. When challenging situations come your way, it is important to be strong and confident. When there is a misunderstanding with your partner, be strong enough to admit your mistake if you are at fault. Furthermore, be confident enough, without being self-righteous, to respond if your partner is at fault. Assure yourself that you can handle even emotional situations simply by talking things out with your partner.

Be true to yourself

The final piece of effective relationship advice for men is to be true to yourself. Do not pretend to be somebody else in order to please your partner. Pretending to be someone else would probably be the worst thing you can do. Remember, she is with you because she likes you just the way you are, not who she wants you to be. In fact, she would probably beg you not to change at all.

All relationships go through storms. But, by carrying out the right attitude and following the tips mentioned above, you will surely get back to shore.

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