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5 Clever Ways to Waterproof Your Laptop for Better Protection

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To waterproof your laptop and keep it from getting damaged, use a waterproof laptop case, get a Neoprene laptop sleeve, make your own waterproof laptop sleeve using Tyvek envelopes, protect your laptop from spills with a keyboard cover, and use accessories like skins and screen protectors to prevent water seepage.

Your laptop is worth protecting not only because of the money you have invested purchasing one, but also because of the files stored on it. You need to protect your equipment from rain, spills, and drizzles while traveling or when traveling or participating in outdoor activities, like fishing or hanging out at the beach. Here are helpful ways to waterproof your laptop and keep it protected everywhere you go:

Secure a waterproof laptop case

Get a waterproof case for your laptop to keep it safe from rain and drizzles when strolling, traveling, or hiking. There are many varieties with a range of features, sizes, and specifications that are available in specialty shops and that can meet your budget requirements. There are even submersible waterproof laptop cases perfect for military use.

Get a Neoprene laptop sleeve

Neoprene is a soft, flexible, durable, water-resistant material used to make wetsuits and now as laptop sleeves to protect your computer from getting wet and scratched. You can purchase one from retail and computer stores to suit your needs and preferences. If you have old wetsuits, you can even make a laptop sleeve of your own. All you need is the proper measurement and some basic sewing skills. Make sure your laptop sleeve snugly fits your laptop so that it is well-protected.

Make your own waterproof laptop sleeve using Tyvek envelopes

Bring out your resourcefulness and grab some Tyvek mailing envelopes used by couriers to make a waterproof laptop sleeve. Depending on the size of your laptop, you may need to use several envelopes that are both waterproof and very durable.

Protect your laptop from spills with a keyboard cover

If your laptop does not feature a spill-proof keyboard, consider buying a keyboard cover to protect the internal components of your computer. These covers come in silicone or plastic materials that will protect the keyboard from accidental spills. Make sure the size of the cover perfectly fits your keyboard to ensure great protection.

Use accessories like skins and screen protectors to prevent water seepage

Other ways to protect your laptop from drizzles and spills include using screen protectors and laptop skins to prevent water seepage. With screen protectors, you will be able to protect your screen and avoid glare when outdoors. Laptop skins are also used both at the top and the bottom of your laptop to avoid direct contact with water and other foreign objects to your computer, helping avoid damages. Just make sure the bottom of your laptop is not completely covered with skin to give way for ventilation and avoid overheating your computer.

A smart tip is to always find accessories that fit your laptop to waterproof it well. You can also avoid further damages by keeping all liquids, including drinks, from your computer and putting them on a different table. When traveling, always waterproof your laptop because you never know what you will run into. The weather could suddenly change from sunny to rainy and the one sitting beside you on the plane could accidentally spill a drinks. Wherever you go, make sure you waterproof your laptop to avoid damaging it and losing your important files.


  1. Love that suggestion for making the waterproof sleeve!

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