Friday, September 17, 2010

Should you change your career?

Does it come to you when you feel so stressed out from your day job that you wish you’re somewhere else? I guess wishing to be somewhere doing something else is better than wishing to be someone else. So far, I’m not sure if I ever did wish the latter. My mind says “No” but my heart says “Yes”. Now I’m confused which one to believe. Of course I'm happy for having a job. Just take a look at those thousands if not millions of individuals fighting to get a job, or those who just got fired - which is thanks to recession - they’re frantic to get a new one for survival's sake. In most developing countries, and even in some developed countries, for one single vacancy, hundreds of potential applicants are queuing to get an interview. Oh, but did you know that you have a better chance of getting your target new job if you still have a job just wanting to switch company than someone who has been jobless? But come on, that’s not what I wish to talk about.

It’s just that sometime in your career you probably must have considered changing your path. It might be due to the low demand of your profession, a not competitive salary in the market, or probably simply because you’re not happy with what you do. But let’s face it. It’s definitely scary! Many people might have contemplated it, but the uncertainty and difficulty not to mention the big risk that changing a career imposes is deterrent to actually pursuing it. People can just be too scared and would opt to remain at their safe harbor.

For most times, changing a career is all about timing. For example, you probably must wait when the market gets better and you are certain that your move is not a total blind gamble. Perhaps it’s better to stay with your job right now and wait when everything is perfect. However, sometimes, the perfect time just never comes. Thus changing a career also requires a strong mindset that cannot be shaken by any obstacle. A decision carefully considered and a will that is hundred percent determined is what you need. Changing a career can be very tedious, expensive and timely. But if it’s about getting a career of heart, then it’s a worth thing to do. You would never know what lies ahead unless you throw up the sail.

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