Saturday, September 18, 2010

Know when to walk away from your relationship

Some people stay in their relationship just because they're scared to walk away; they find the relationship a probable way to escape a hard life e.g. financial improvement, they see it as a relationship for convenience, they love the person so much that they are ready to take whatever it is, or simply because they think they couldn’t find someone else. These individuals stay in a relationship even if it means losing self respect and self worth.

A good relationship is something that equates whatever you give. It is a safe haven which allows you to retreat from a very harsh world and allows you to be just who you are. It is a relationship that gives you support to achieve your goals, protects you from the meanness of life, allows you to grow into a better person and gives you the opportunity to give all the love that you have and appreciates it.

When should you walk away from a relationship then? The answer is actually simple –when you are no longer happy. But in some situations, the answer is complex.

If you see yourself holding on to a relationship just because you see it as a means of escape from your unhappy life, you better take a pause and carefully examine yourself. Jumping into a relationship with so much baggage is not a good thing because it would deter a happy union. The bundle of unhappiness from the other areas of your life would always give you reason to be unhappy in your relationship. You better work them out yourself first before you can expect much from your relationship. Also, if you see the relationship as a means to improve your financial situation, then that really can be dangerous because you tend to become blind on other things. For example, you might be too focused on the monetary benefits your relationship can bring but unable to see that your partner is not capable of providing your other needs. Money is not everything.

If the relationship causes you to lose self respect that is a very clear indication that you better walk away. Self respect is very important because unless you respect yourself, no one would. But if your relationship takes that away from you, then you better take heed. A loving relationship must be able to reciprocate what you give. You give respect to your partner and you get respect back. If that fails, everything would.

If your partner does not see your worth, then you must work on showing him your value. For example, if you feel that your partner is not proud of you, then make it a goal to become successful in your career or in anything that you do. Perhaps you should improve your looks and become more attractive. However, if nothing works, then maybe it’s time to consider walking away. Someone’s junk can be someone’s gold. Never push yourself on someone who does not see your worth.

A meaningful relationship makes you happy in every aspect and in every little thing it gives. You deserve to be happy.

P.S. This post is primarily focused on relationships before marriage. However, on some situations it can also be applied to marriage relationship. A more detailed article on walking away from your marriage relationship is coming soon. :) 

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