Wednesday, July 21, 2010

God saved me from fire, the second time

I was drifting through the sea and it was very dark. I struggled, pushing through the waves and reaching for a hold, desperate for a grip. Shortly, I felt the wind through my face. Slowly and peacefully I was riding a swing. “Wake up …” I heard His whisper. “Wake up …” He whispered again. “No, I don’t want.” I was enjoying my ride it was very different from the troubled sea, why should I leave? “You have to wake up darling, you have to!” There was urgency in His voice and I felt the push.

“What time is it?” Pulling down the blanket from my face I was figuring out where I was. Quickly and automatically, I turned my head to the door. It was ajar and through the curtains, I saw a growing light from the sala. I jumped out the bed and ran to see the light. Behold, the center table was on fire. The table mattress and the plastic flowers in the vase were already consumed and the fire was rapidly growing. I ran quickly to the kitchen and took buckets of water, ran back to the sala and threw the water on the fire. Twice I did run back and forth for the water before the fire was completely stopped. I sat on the floor, astonished. “If I did not listen to the call, what could have happened? And where are my parents?”

Then it came to me that my parents were not home yet. It was already past midnight. They went to visit some friends after we had dinner. I and my younger siblings were watching tv when the lights went off. There was a black out. I took a candle, lighted it and put it inside a glass making it stand by melting its bottom. We killed time by talking and laughing while having some ice cream. When the candle was almost finished, I blew its fire off and replaced it with a new one. However, I did not notice that our youngest sister, only three and a half years old by the time, took the used candle and lighted it again. She already finished her ice cream. She used the empty plastic cap of her ice cream as a stand for her tiny candle and enjoyed watching it burning.

Not long thereafter I felt tired. I put everyone to bed. But before going up to her room, the youngest put her candle on the table, still burning. I saw it but I thought it was okay. We slept.

Sitting on the floor beside the burned table I figured that the tiny candle did not die as I had thought it would. Instead, it burned the plastic cap then slowly consumed the table cloth and grew. How stupid? Why did I think it was okay? Why didn’t I figure that it would cause fire? I was scolding myself. If the house was burned down by fire and we six siblings were burned to death, then I wouldn’t get to graduate high school. It was only six months away.

I stood and checked the table making sure that the fire was entirely stopped. When certain, I went to check my siblings, they were all sleeping good. I went back to bed. I knelt and prayed thanking God for waking me up and saving me and my siblings from fire for the second time. Before I drifted back to sleep, I recalled that a year ago, God had saved me from fire the first time. ZzzzzZzzzz

God saved me from fire, the first time will be the next publish :)


  1. I love this story! It shows how there is a God that cares for us and is looking out for us!!! :D

  2. Beautifully written, darling!


  3. Love the suspense. I thought it happened just recently.

  4. thanks for your comment, (and sorry for my late reply)

  5. wow what a story!!!! so powerful!

  6. This post is so beautiful! I'm just awed that the Voice woke you up... so truly amazing.

  7. Nice posting, Mare !
    Have a nice weekend there :)

  8. Lovely! Good luck with the publish! and thanks for stopping by :) Now following along!

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  10. Powerful story, thanks for sharing!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment. :)

    Blessings to you,


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