Saturday, May 8, 2010

How IQ and Personality Tests Contribute for IQ and Personality Development?

I became adept in understanding my personality traits through my habitual answering of personality tests available in magazines and books. I used to spend my free time in our University library or city library during college which enabled me to have free access to all the types of magazines and books. When I enter the library, I always spent my time immediately at the periodicals section scanning and reading all my favorite magazines; women’s magazine, reader’s digest, etc. and never left any available personality tests unanswered before I’d move to the circulation section. It never failed to amaze me how the interpretations of results were always true and applicable to me.

When the internet became accessible after I landed a competitive job, I no longer had to travel to libraries to have access to all those tests. From printed periodicals, I moved online. Online testing is so much fun because it provides easy access to tons of personality or development tests as well as IQ tests. The methods used to execute those tests are always convenient and quick. Many style of tests available online are not available on prints. I exhausted almost all personality tests that were available to me before I focused on the IQ tests. It was always important to me to understand “Who I am?” “How people see me?” “What message do I tell others about me?” “What makes me unique?” “Why I behave that way?” and so much more about being me before I had to address the question “How smart am I?” It took me several years to entirely understand myself. While life experiences played a major role in the process, orienting me about psychological principles and theories through personality tests - which are not all provided in the classroom – made a significant contribution.

If there are reliable personality tests that truly help in understanding one’s self, there are also not quality tests that are created purely for fun. Examples of these are some but not all tests available at facebook. You would know the degree of the test’s reliability mainly through the quality and quantity of questions they ask. For several times it occurred to me how it is possible for these individuals to create quizzes. They may or may not psychology experts but they were able to come up with tests/quizzes with purposes targeted for a specific audience.

While we struggled to absorb the lectures of our psychology instructors about the learning theory for some basic psychology courses: behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism of which are three main philosophical frameworks, we do understand that in this era, multimedia learning is becoming more effective to a lot of students, to a lot of people.

Multimedia resources were scarce during my time but I had books and periodicals. Yet, no matter which era you are blessed to live, it is always necessary to take advantage of learning whether it is to satisfy your intellect or personality development, or both.


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  2. It's nice to know that it's not only me. I used to kill time answering personality quizzes too and I loved it. It actually helped me know myself more.

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