Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Red shirt rallies in Thailand how futile?

I woke up early that Saturday and prepared myself to go to church. I thought that perhaps this red shirt rallies have subsided. But I was wrong. Hopeful to get to church early at least for the second service, I was entirely disheartened to find myself inside the taxi trapped in the midst of the red shirt rallies. I don’t entirely understand what these people are up to. What are their goals and what do they recommend? Is their fight for ex-Prime Minister Taksin valid? Let’s suppose it is, then how would they explain these weeks of disruptions to the city/country and society as a whole that their activities bring?

Rally and people’s power is not new in my own country. I actually believe that this country where I am residing now patterned this rallying to ours. But there is a big difference between how my people do it and how these people do. My people rally, that’s the least they can do compared to revolution that is always bloody, but they do it out of principle and not money. They are not paid. They don’t get paid like 500-2000 per day just to stand under the sun and hammer their red pompoms-like materials. I find it lame.

I never spoke about this rally of them before and I actually kind of ignore it. But experiencing being caught in the midst of them, I wanted to hammer them. I was literally sitting waiting for them to let my taxi get a way for like an hour and a half. I did not force myself but winked on the taxi fare that accumulated. I was so pissed off. When I finally reached my destination, the service was almost over. And what spirit did I have on a Sabbath day?

I was told of how much is the approximate budget spent for this people just to stand under the sun or parade and guess what? The figure is unbelievable. Something great must have been accomplished out from this amount if used otherwise. But who am I to speak? I just can wish that the people behind these rallies would get into their senses or I can as well write it in the air.


  1. OMG darling... You actually live in the middle of all these. I've been following the news of this rally since a while ago and I also think it's such a futile action that would bring so many bad consequences. I hope they would all find the best solution for everybody. And I certainly hope you're doing fine :) Best wishes...

  2. Wow. I can't believe how many people are rallying in that photo!

  3. Looks like the NY Marathon. But I guess this is less funny...

  4. Oh, what an entertainment for the whole world it could be! Where have you seen blood -letting just to be sprinkled wherever they pleased in these modern times?


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