Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My passion for pottery

If I get to have my own house, the place that would be closest to my heart is the kitchen. Not only would this area of the house enable me to serve special dishes for my husband and children, it is also where I’d be able to monitor and to make sure that everything they eat is healthy and clean. I imagine my kitchen to be where the family spends most of free time: cooking and experimenting with new delicacies/recipes that mommy and daddy found at Food Network. My dream kitchen would be a place that entirely defines “bonding”.

However, even before I got myself engaged, and even before the thought of having children crossed my mind, my passion for pottery has already consumed me. I love to collect plates, bowls, mugs, vases and just any version of pots possible. I like them to be colorful with varied designs. Therefore, counting many years back, my dream of having a perfect kitchen was driven by my love for pottery.

I probably credit this passion of mine towards tableware to my mom who always had a wide collection of figurines and pottery. I remembered it well during childhood how I hated the task that I was always assigned to do – to wipe my mother’s tons of collections of figurines. They were always delicate and I had to be very careful not to drop them, otherwise, I would get scolding from mom if I break them. Also, I had to make sure that I did the cleaning thoroughly because they would be checked afterwards. I did hate that job that I had to do every holidays but it never made me hate figurines and pottery at all. In fact, growing up with them cultivated this love.

I dream to be able to have a house someday with a big kitchen full of things that I adore: cooking utensils, stainless steel flatware, and kitchen appliances with hanging cabinets full of pottery. It would make cooking and dining in my own kitchen an incredible experience. I am determined to develop skills in cooking which I still lack as of now. I know that it is essential for me to be able to take care of my family to be but I also believe that a perfect kitchen would be an enough motivation to do so.


  1. Hi gleen thanks for leaving a comment in my post.
    yep, some people are unreasonable.

    by the way, I like watching Food network coz I get cooking and kitchen theme ideas :)



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