Friday, April 9, 2010

3 Things to know About Hairstyles

Hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Hair is to beauty as ace is to cards. It is the last weapon a woman can use when it comes to styling. Different hairstyles create different looks that would work for specific occasion or activity. For example, a hairstyle that you wore on a dinner date might be too extravagant to wear for shopping, or, a hairstyle that looks very fresh on you on a day at a park might look too undone for a formal party. Also, different hairstyles work for different types of hair and especially different face structure. A hairstylist must know what style would fit you best, however, it is necessary that you yourself is able to identify hairstyles that would suit on your face structure.

There are many advantages if you have long hair. Of course, first in the list is that your partner would love your hair because men always find long hair sexy [I know you can challenge this argument but this is a fact based on documented researches and even based on my own experiences]. Another advantage is that there are more hairstyles that you can experiment with long hair than short hair. Also, long hair does not require frequent trimming because it can live with the same style for quite a time and still would look good. On the other hand, long hair is much more difficult to maintain compared to short hair. It is more expensive because it requires more shampoo and hair conditioning. It requires more water and more time to wash and dry. It is even more difficult to maintain a healthy long hair when you grow older and are faced with a significant degree of stress at work. Your hair starts to grow thinner.

A very common way of enhancing the hair for women is hair color. Women nowadays love to try wearing different colors for their hair starting from blond, brown, and white to yellow. But it is important to use colors that blend with your skin color. For example, wearing blond hair if you have dark skin would not really work. Highlighting your hair with purple or green does not fit if you are a teacher or an executive. Although hair coloring or highlighting is a fashion, I never ever tried it on my hair. Not that I found it unattractive, in fact I do like to see it on other girls, but that I prefer to wear my hair color naturally, black. I also find that hair color, if not maintained properly, can bring unhealthy effects to the hair such as split ends and dryness.

Therefore, in making the best styling for your hair, it is essential to identify the perfect hairstyles that suit your face structure, to know the advantages of having a long hair and to use hair color only if you are ready to create the best out of it and maintain it.


  1. Wow, I never knew any of that. I'll have to relay all of this to the girlfriend since she is in a real need of a hairstyle

  2. Love the post. And yes, I treasure my hair so much.

  3. I have to agree with the poster, long hair is definitely sexy!

  4. Having long hair gives you confidence and also makes you beautiful:)

  5. Fab post!
    Long hair can be difficult...


  6. for me, short hair with layers is sexy..

  7. Long hair is more versatile to style, but when it comes to some things it's just irritating. It can look really good if done right though!
    Thanks for the comment!

  8. A very good topic Gleen...Hair is always a pain for women as we tend to lean more on the vanity side than men. I think it was a woman that actually created the saying 'Bad Hair Day'...
    Your so right in that some colors and even styles do not fit everyone.
    I tend to wonder if certain people own a mirror as what they leave their homes looking like almost makes it seem so.
    I have had every length of hair and I have settled with a shoulder length is very versatile and an easier style to work with~


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