Sunday, January 24, 2010

Having fun with bunnies

I am purely a cat lover, so I thought. They cuddle, they communicate and they are very sweet. I never thought that having bunnies as pets would also be as fulfilling.

Before my boyfriend flew back to Germany, he thought of buying me bunnies. Perhaps the idea came to him so that his departure would not be so painful. He asked me if I would want to take care of bunnies. I shrug at first, not really interested. But the next time he brought the subject up; I thought “why not?” He asked me if I was serious and if I would be ready to take the responsibilities. He knows that when work starts, I would always be busy. But I was already conditioned to have new pets. Thus we went to check for some lovely tiny bunnies.

These are the things I learned after a month of taking care of them.

1. They grow up so quick.
2. They cannot live alone. They need a buddy.
3. They love to play hide and seek. If they are happy, they run around and jump swirling in the air.
4. They have behavior. Just like humans, each bunny is unique.
5. They require too much labor in terms of cleaning, but their presence around the house is so worth it.
6. They are easy to feed. They shouldn’t be given only rabbit feeds most of the time but also vegetables and fruit, otherwise, they would grow obese.

I named them Nouty [because he is very naughty] and Browny [because he is totally brown]. Nouty is very adventurous and playful. He wants to discover things. He is also a prodigal type. It takes skill to be able to touch him. His behavior as a whole is so fun to observe. On the other hand, Browny is very sweet and behave. He loves to cuddle and to touch. Although he is not as adventurous as Nouty, he was the first to find the way to get on my bed. The first time he did a great leap, he was calling Nouty, who was watching down the floor, to follow him.


  1. They're so cute! I had two rabbits when I was a little kid, though I didn't have them at the same time. I wish I know then what I know now about taking care of them because they are very social animals and you are so right about them needing a buddy! I feel so bad that the ones I had must have been pretty lonely. It's nice to see some very cute and well taken care of bunnies! What breed are they? Dwarf?

  2. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

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  3. Hi sis! Kamusta na? Ikaw naman pud ang na-idle sa dihang nakabalik na ko. Hehehe... Naa diay koy tuyo, paki-change ko sa URL sa akong xpressions blog into bi kay nag-changed man gud. Salamat ha? Na-add na ka didto...

  4. Hi..glenn..Happy valentine @->-->--- muachhh :D

  5. these are so cute, I love rabbits!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your two bunnies are so adorable!!!


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