Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How do I become more comfortable talking to people?

Some people are not comfortable talking to other people. They are especially nervous talking to strangers. Others clearly show this discomfort while others don't.
If you are one who has this discomfort towards conversing to people, you are not alone. Several braves have came up and asked “How do I become more comfortable talking to people?”

These tips to overcome such plight are gathered from the ones who used to be not comfortable talking to people but have overcome it.


Make conversation with strangers at the store. If you get nervous just think "who cares what they think, they'll probably never see me again!" Try talking louder, you may think you're being loud enough but your voice is always louder in your own head, so try to raise your voice a bit. This should help with people not responding to you in a group. Hold your head up and make direct eye contact with the people you're talking to! It may be awkward at first but you'll get used to it and you’ll feel a lot more confident.

•Just be yourself.

But if you find that hard enough, maybe you should try reading some books or watching a lot of TV shows. Talk about things you like next time you talk to a stranger. This helps break the ice and boost up the conversation. :)

(Share opinions and talk about the world...but of course, let the other person talk as well...)


Try doing karaoke at a bar or something and be sure to do it with a song you know by heart. It worked for me now I can talk to anybody because I've already made a fool of myself. [James]

•The stranger feels the same way

Remember that the person you are talking to is probably feeling the same way, we are all human and there are many people just like you. I use to be the same way. You just have to over come it. [Lilia]

•Top your assets

Focus on your strengths. Put in mind that the discomfort you’re feeling is caused by some insecurity. Therefore overcome this insecurity by topping your strengths. When you focus more on your assets and enhance them, you would dramatically feel comfortable of yourself and overcoming conversation with strangers would be a piece of cake. [Gleenn]

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  1. I think the best way to be comfortable talking to people is to ask them questions. Once you ask a question the ball is in their court.

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  3. I'm not great at making conversation with people i've just met, but I'm getting better I suppose...

  4. lov your blog! so useful!!


  5. As you mentioned, practicing talking to people often is the best way to get more comfortable.

    This is true especially for introverts.

    As you talk to more people and realize how easy it can be to strike up conversations anywhere about anything, you'll want to do it more often too.


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