Monday, October 19, 2009

Teach the teachers

I didn’t realize that it is already two years now since I found myself seated face to face with six young faces across the table trying to figure out how to produce good debaters within eight sessions, a month prior to a competition. [Read the story Giving birth to great debaters] Time flew too quickly. I saw myself once again seated across the table, but this time not as the trainer, but as the supervisor [technically]. Seeing my former junior debaters teach and coach the aspiring new members of the team, I felt very accomplished. I realized how much they have grown. I had not produced only good debaters, I had also produced good teachers.

If asked about where did I draw my motivation to go through all the pain of putting up a debating club for the school, and to bear all the exhaustion in prepping and sending teams to at least two competitions each year, and to work hard to meet the expectations of parents, teachers and employers, I am not certain. However, I can say, that it is my passion that drove me to make a difference in the lives of my young debaters. It was that passion in debating and my strong character towards a challenge that made me take the mission and do what were supposed to be done.

It is true that your passion towards what you do can be so powerful to influence and attract others to follow you. It can motivate them to set a goal. It can push them to work hard to achieve that goal.

Whenever I see my debaters take a floor and speak, it makes me smile. I smile because they serve as a mirror of me. But seeing them mentor their junior debaters is even more fulfilling. Their love on sharing what they learnt from me, coupled by what they learnt from their own experiences, is what I call, the greater passion.

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  1. I am proud to know such a successful and empowering women Gleen. You have focus and are very goal oriented...that is not to say that your work was any easier than anyone else's climb...Ones focus and determination makes all the difference in the final results of the day :)

  2. hi Glenne a very good job yes i agree with Ms D. your one of those empowering woman who climbed up the hill to attained success. Keep it up your creative mind will bring you to something more special beyond you ever proud of yeah girl

  3. for the future generation of leaders, keep it up!

  4. that is really amazing Congrats I wish that I could do that too.


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