Friday, October 23, 2009

Prayer stopped the bank robber: How powerful is prayer?

Just exactly how powerful is prayer? Do you think a prayer with faith can actually move mountains? If you search the net, I am certain that you will find many accounts on how people found prayer powerful. There are even plenty of unpublished testimonies out there that prove that God indeed listens to prayer.

While writing this post I was reminded of some funny but dangerous experiences that I had in the past where prayer saved me. For example, on one Christmas vacation our family and friends had a retreat in a secluded island in our province. The island was beautiful and untouched. There was a big wooden house beside the beach and a huge meeting hall in the middle of the island which I never saw how it looked in the inside, it was always locked. Unfortunately, all the toilets were located beside the meeting hall. So one morning after breakfast, I was walking towards the toilet not minding the environment; my mind was flying [as it always does], when suddenly I heard barks of an angry female dog. When I focused to see where it was coming from, I was frozen to see the beast, big and scary, approaching me in a leaping manner eager to devour me. Not a panicky person, I took off my sandals and threw them to her to no avail. There wasn’t any stone or anything that I could grab. The last resort was to run. I ran screaming “Papa, papa!” but everyone in the house was too far to help. My mind was thinking about how many injections I would get. However, what frightened me more was the thought of ruining my legs, my biggest assets. While running I was looking back and saw that every time the beast was about to bite a leg, each leg just move to run. I then remembered to pray. So while my mouth was screaming my mind was praying, “Jesus, help me.” Just then I bumped into a huge tree, and then fell. I waited for the pain, but there was none. I raised my head to look at her; I was met by two lamb eyes. And then she moved away. I gathered myself up with bleeding knees, but it was far better than getting non-bleeding bites.

These scenarios I mentioned above happened ten years back, were refreshed to me today after I saw a yahoo video featuring the woman, who, through prayer, was able to unarm her robber. I wanted to download that video of her interview because she left such good message towards the people who have nobody that are becoming hopeless. She said that things can’t be so bad to just throw away your life in prison or in death. There are people who care. There is God who cares. She also addressed company owners saying that they should also give chance to people who are desperate to get a job to survive. Sometimes, some people are just forced to do crime.


  1. Amen ... I strongly agree with what you have related above, there are many miracles God has done out there, but we can not know everything quickly, sometimes people are ashamed to appear in public, so that God's help is only a story for himself. and I know the power of prayer is also big in my life.

  2. What a very moving and inspirational post Gleen.
    Without faith we have noting!

  3. Wow. I haven't seen anything like this before. A prayer is very powerful indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I always believe in the power of prayer.
    Muztah ka na? Si jog muztah na rin? Tahimik yata tayo ah:)


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