Saturday, October 31, 2009

Learn to be rude at times

“In order to survive a chaotic world, you’ve got to learn to be rude at times.”

How would you define rude? If we take the decoded meaning of the word “rude”, it is a state of being ill-mannered or discourteous. That, actually, is the lightest definition we can take because the word also means being undeveloped, uncivilized, unlearned, and primitive among others.

How bad is being rude? Who can be rude? Is it only the primitive and the uncivilized that can be rude? What about the people who are well-learned and well-educated? How would you react if you are met by such a person? Someone who thinks that he is above and/or better than you?

Some people believe in themselves too much. They believe that they can be someone or something because they are intelligent and able, however, they refuse to work hard, to train hard, and to devote time. In short, they just want the end but not the means. They want to be a winner but they are not willing to take the pain that comes along. This is a picture of being ambitious without passion and discipline. Sometimes, these people might be intellectually good but emotionally they are not. For example, would you make a good debater if you are good in research and memorizing but you cannot take pressures, stress and criticisms even if they are constructive? Even in the world physical sports, athletes need passion, devotion, discipline and emotional stability in order to get ahead and win. Many good athletes failed to achieve success because they lack these essential elements.

If you are a game maker, would you not demand time from your players? Would you not require their commitment, devotion and above all respect? How would you coach a player who does not show up to practices? A player who does not communicate with you and to his team mates? A player who does not respect you? Would you put him on the first line? Or would you kick him out the team? Now, what happens if he expects to be player No. 1 even if he does not practice? And what about if the parents or family members come and demand that you put their son/relative in the team as a priority player because they want him to? Worst, how about if the parents/relatives start to teach you how to coach and how to train your players when in fact they don’t know anything about the sport? Don’t you think that is totally ridiculous?

This is when the rude meets the rude.

Sometimes, you have to be rude in order to maneuver rude people. If you know what you are doing, and if you know that you are doing the right thing, you are in the right track then it does not matter if you have to be rude as long as you maintain your professionalism. A new argument comes in; “rude” is defined accordingly based on the situation. We differentiate them as the “white rude” and the ‘black rude”. You can choose which color.

In whatever you do, you cannot please everybody; therefore, focus on the common good even if it means being rude to the antagonists. You should not back down to people who underestimate you, show them what you can do.


  1. Lovely post and well said. Sometimes our attitudes aren't going to be the best at all times and they will not always be in the liking of many, but one should try to be the best we can.



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