Monday, October 26, 2009

Is lending hand to elders old fashion?

I was tired and exhausted on my way home from school today. I had not a good sleep last night, I had six classes straight during the day, I had to use my remaining two free periods to complete some paper works, and I had to stay behind for the debate workshop which are always held after school. Evaluating my accomplishments for the day while walking, I noticed ahead that an elder woman was balancing her huge push cart trying to climb it up the road. She was selling barbecues and the cart was carrying a grilling pot and some meat. A good amount of smoke coming from her cart tells of her existence. Two ladies passed and smiled at her while she struggled with the cart. She smiled back. Drawn to the woman’s plight, I hurried to see if I could do anything for her. I grabbed the cart’s handle along side her and helped her push and pull the cart back and forth to find a perfect way for the wheels. It took us about 5 minutes and it demanded some reasonable strength [as if I still had enough strength, must just be the adrenaline]. After she had said her thank you and I had said my welcome, I fixed my hair back to place and walked. Just then I noticed a gentleman sitting beside the road looking at me. I shook my head thinking, he could have helped.

I was walking on a side walk one night heading to a shopping mall. People were bumping each other on that crowded narrow side walk because illegal side walk vendors were consuming too much space. On the other side of the road, a very old man with severe osteoporosis was pushing his cart full of old news papers and books. I saw him hurriedly passed the pedestrian lane and with all his might pushed the cart up the elevated side walk to avoid the approaching cars. Unfortunately, it could be because of lack of strength, his cart slipped and all the papers fell down the road. He saved his cart first and anchored it on the side walk and slowly, oh so slowly, started picking up all the papers and books that fell. Nobody stopped to help. Seeing a very heartbreaking sight, I ran to cross the road avoiding the cars and immediately helped the old man before any car could hit him by mistake. The smile that stretched that wrinkled face was unforgettable. I smiled back and gave a wai.

Thus my question, is helping the elders old fashion? Is it considered not in on today’s time? It is sad to notice that more and more people are not concerned with their elders. It is very hard to take a few minutes from their busy time to lend a hand. I am not sure if it’s only me, or are you also noticing this?


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  2. That's a noble gesture, gleenn. I also got the chance at Suvarnabhumi airport yesterday lending a hand to OFW's old mom who visited her daughter in Chiangmai. She could not catch her heavy luggage from the fast-moving conveyor so I had to chase it myself. She repeated "Salamat po Ma'am" many times.


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