Thursday, October 1, 2009

Does punishment make the best reinforcement?

I understand that in order to maintain peace and order, punishment is necessary. It is true to any social group starting from the family, the community and up to the nation. Punishment is deterrent to fear that will result to control. He who can execute punishment holds the power. However, excessive and unreasonable punishment can make a relationship or a system unhealthy that would eventually lead to rebellion and break down.

I have this question in mind. “Which makes the best reinforcement? Punishment? Or reward?”

A system that is extremely power and monetary driven, which uses more punishment than reward as reinforcement, is certainly at stake.

Picture this in mind: If you worked hard and gave your best on a project but you didn’t get reward for its success, would you still be inspired to do your best on the next project?

And what about this: If you didn’t work hard and did your best to ensure success on the project assigned to you and you reaped punishment, would this drive you to do well on the next project?

This is what I learned today.

“Punishment can control people. But it never can inspire them to do their best.”


  1. You are right Gleen...punishment or force can produce but it most certainly does not gain any respect.
    When people do things out of can bet the first minute they have to get away or take part in revenge they will as they will have no respect or loyalty.

  2. It is amazing how well this method works! It does make for a happier, more confident and well behaved puppy/dog, not to mention calmer owner! The time we share with our furry best friends is so is our responsibility to make it safe and fun! We have worked with people who have tried other methods. They are speechless when they see how quickly their puppy or dog responds to praise.

  3. that is totally true D! punishment costs loyalty and respect.

  4. hi Kristanna,

    you are right. only true leaders understand this principle you've mentioned. Rewards in the form of praises, appreciations or monetary are great tools to earn people's loyalty and respect.


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