Monday, September 28, 2009

Philippines flood: A catastrophe or a curse?

I received a call yesterday evening from a friend; he said “Check YouTube. See how the typhoon Ondoy submerged the entire Manila.” I felt weak when I heard the news. But I was completely stunned when I did see the videos posted in YouTube as well as the slideshows about the flood in Pinoy Channel. I found myself whispering, “God, why do my people have to suffer this much?” I couldn’t stop the tears.

This typhoon named “Ondoy” or “Ketsana” shouldn’t have been underestimated. And yet, isn’t the country used to heavy rains once the year approaches the month of December? Isn’t the country used to calamities whenever Christmas is coming? I remembered clearly how terrifying the news was when a landslide caused by heavy rains buried an entire town in Leyte on February 7, 2006. Nearly a thousand people lost their lives. There were plenty of calamities left buried in the minds of filipinos. They are there to embrace.

While the nation struggles to fix its economic crisis, while she works to unite her people, and while she finds ways to manage her meager resources, an overnight rain simply washed her efforts away. Who to blame?

We can start blaming each other and finger pointing, would that help? Would that bring back the homes of the victims and the lives of the dead? Would that pacify the pain of those who lost everything?

So many questions are in my mind. Where will they get food? Will the country be able to feed everyone? Where will they get water if everywhere is stained of flood water? What’s next?

I made a call to my dad worrying if they were in anyway harmed by the typhoon. Thank God it didn’t hit my province, Palawan. My parents expressed their grief about what they saw on tv. My dad is even worried because two more typhoons are expected to come probably in the next weeks. Oh God, bless don’t.

I simply reasoned, it’s geography. We don’t have cover. We are bare against the open sea. We are the best target of typhoons. Now what?

That left me with a question. Is this another catastrophe? Or is this a curse?


  1. Of course it's not a curse, sis! SIN did it. While we're still in this sinful earth, those types of calamity and catastrophe will keep destroying hundreds and thousands of lives. In the last days, it will even gets worse. That's why it's best to keep our soul ready.

    I was crying when I watch 24 Oras. Different tales of survival caused me to grieve. I am the first to express that if I am one of the victims, I'll be the first to die. Di ko kabalo mo-langoy and I would give my life to save my child or anyone else's. Luoy kaayo oi. We'll just continue praying for their recovery.

    Sa Oct. 17 amo arival sa pinas sis. Oct 15 man mi hawa diri. I hope ok lang ang panahon ana. ;-)

  2. This is so horrible and also very scary.
    I have seen so much natural disasters in the past few years that it wakes me up to realize how vulnerable we really are to natures powers!
    I pray for all of the victims that they can somehow through the grace of God overcome this nightmare.

  3. I really don't think this is a curse - the cause is for sure the geographically unfortunate position. But this reasoning really cannot pacify the pain that is left after a disaster like this. I just hope the Filipinos will recover soon and that the threat of the other two incoming typhoons will not fulfil. Julie

  4. Any country may experience some calamities like this so it's not a curse. The tsunami that hit many countries in 2004 was not expected either snatching many lives and properties away.
    Btw, ADRA is helping the victims so your generosity of giving to the Harvest Ingathering to JD & Josh every year will go a long way to help those affected even in just such a simple way. It's more timely this year though as they have just remitted what you gave them both. Now they realize the joy of giving and the significance of that yearly activity at our school.

  5. its terribly scary and my heart was like broken into pieces, i feel helpless! looks like it was the end of the world.... Oh my God first time to see a video of the typhoon its more terrifying...

    here in colorado tornado sometime hits and always feel scared..wanna go back to phils. but realize when nature hits and get mad it will hit everywhere....


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