Monday, September 21, 2009

How to defeat burn out from work?

Did you ever find yourself easily angered, depressed and uninspired at some point in your life?

Did you take a moment to evaluate what caused you these negative feelings and found that in fact, you have so many things to be thankful and be happy for? And yet, after a while of figuring out, everything points out to overworking, tiredness and lack of recreation as the root? In a layman’s term that is what we call “burnt out”.

Indeed, it comes once in a while. And recently, I found myself caught up by this situation. I lost my drive to write articles for my literary blog. I felt lazy to do my basic household chores. I go to work with a hard determination of surviving the day when actually, it used to be fun. I need to start the debate training for both my junior and senior debaters for the next debate competition which will be in less than two months, but I could not get the drive to organize anything. I get easily angered by any little things which I knew I could have ignored. And because of these feelings, even my relationship is getting affected.

But it is not a question of whether it comes or not. It is about how to defeat this negativity once it does come.

I thought that I needed something which would help me channel this negativity out. It was my fashion blog. I spent more time blogging about fashion and connecting with other fashion bloggers. It gave me a different world that could make me feel good. But then when I step back into the reality, the same feelings come back.

I confessed this conflict to my girl friends and was surprised to find that they were also feeling the same. We decided we have to make time for ourselves. We need to go out more, hang out and unwind more. Given our busy schedules, this time has to be made. The very functional all work life that we had has started eating in us and is now bearing fruit.

Thus, we dressed up and went out to unwind. We spent our night just dining out, window shopping and chatting about anything. It felt good. We went home tired but relaxed. Eventually, more hanging out are listed in the calendar.

Getting burnt out from work is inevitable, however, if it does come, you should be able to find ways to defeat it.

So how do you handle yours?


  1. How do I handle burn-out? Well, I channel my thoughts and energy to something that I really like to do... shopping is one.

  2. Hey Gleen...
    Great topic as there is more burn out issues happening today than ever.

    Burn out will most definitely eat up ones energy level and will to perform at their peak levels.

    For me it is simply a matter of running my butt off :)
    As I have always been an active type person...any kind of adrenalin rush majorly re-energizes my fuses.

    I also find that one has to be able to identify with burnout before they can actually deal with it.
    More awareness of ones reactions to situations is a very good way to keep track of pre-burnout.

    My daughter and her friends at the age of 23 still have pj parties and watch crazy chick flick movies. That is how they escape school and work pressures.
    I think it is great that they do is a very positive way to avoid the dreaded burnout:)

    There is nothing wrong with taking a break from life's busy schedules.

    Great post Gleen...
    Thank you!

  3. Great post, as Dorothy already said.
    If I feel like burning out, I go dine out. If I can't get anyone to join me, I go by myself. I normally choose a very relaxing place even if it's more expensive. Another way of setting off burnout is attending church. You don't only relax your body from stress but you also refresh and lift up your spirit.
    But instead of finding out a solution to burnout, dig out its root. It normally comes out from overworking. I usually do it but sometimes I just can't stop myself doing it. Beware (myself)! It may lead to health problems.

  4. I start watching movies... when something like that happens I can't make myself do anything, even writing is no fun. So I just am watching movies or serials, hours and hours long, day after day, till I finally find myself tired and bored of them and want to commit to something creative :)

  5. Hi...
    Great post.I have enjoyed alot while browsing this post.If I feel like burning out I prefer to meet with my friends and do meditation.Just wana say Enjoy!!!



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