Saturday, August 8, 2009

The wonder of dream interpretation

I started paying attention to my dreams when I entered the University. At first year, I became aware that some of my dreams were symbolical and that they carried some special messages. During the time, I spent hours thinking and trying to decode the dreams that I had but usually, it took me months to understand what the dream meant and only if I am confronted with the actual meaning of the dream.

I applied some biblical symbols in interpreting my dreams and later, I was able to identify the meaning of some of the dream symbols myself. From the biblical interpretations for example, the water means people while air means war. The snake in the Bible symbolizes Satan, and related to it; snakes in my dreams symbolize trials or problems. The size of the snake, its number, its behavior and how it ends up in my dream is crucial in interpreting. Was I able to kill the snake? Was I bitten? Or was I able to run away? If I dreamt of water – salt or land water, I look at its behavior as well. Is it calm? Is it turbulent? Is it deep? Is it chasing me? Are there fish coming out? Fish would then represent a particular individual or individuals out from the group of people. And every time I interpret my dream, it happens.

Thus, I started reading a lot about dream interpretation and was amazed to discover more wonders in dreams. I recorded some of the significant dream symbols that I had that proved to carry essential warnings to me.

Mushroom: I saw myself eating a big umbrella-like boiled mushroom with soup. I checked the meaning of the dream and it said, “To eat them denotes that you will be humiliated and disgraced by love.” Not long after I had the dream, the guy that I was with proved to be a wrong choice.

Fire: I saw a small fire grew big and consumed my parents’ kitchen. I tried to stop the fire by fanning it but the fire just grew bigger. I checked the meaning of the fire and specifically in my parents’ place and it said “that my family and siblings are doing well in their endeavors and that there will be a significant progress in financial status.” Four months later, I was informed that my mom opened a retail store and my sister a whole sale store and that money was quick. My brother-in-law landed a job with good salary while my brothers in the university are doing well in the fields they chose. One brother even earned a scholarship and he is a 100percent free tuition.

There are still many dreams recorded in my diary that proved to be good warnings and some of them are very personal. While going through my dream diary one day, I came up with an idea. I took a pad and a pen and in an hour, I came up with a very beautiful poem. If you love dream interpretation, you are welcome to interpret my poem.

Broken Dreams

It lurked behind the sun, watching
Waiting for the curtains to close,
When all dogs finished their dinner and
All vendors took their last satang.
At last it succumbed the entire city,
Spirits drifted up and down their sleep.
The shriek of silence so deafening

Underneath the soft cotton blankets,
Beside the silky pillows and
The hugs of plush toys,
A soul was fully awake.
Could anyone free her from those barricades?
Her hands struggled for freedom
But her wrists were tied.
She screamed for help but no one heard
The joyful song of the river swallowed her screams

The same soul stood above the waves.
Balancing, longing to cross to the other edge.
She dug squared fox holes deep down the ground,
But couldn’t find what she was looking for.
She needed to wash her hands,
But everywhere were glasses of wine.
Yet before anything could besiege her;
A whirlwind of fog surrounded her.

She focused her blurred vision, a figure.
Clad in white panama shirt
His long white trousers touched his feet
Every time he stepped;
His long eye lashes were very beautiful,
His full lips curved in a smile, inviting.
The gleams in his eyes hid their color
But wisdom they did mirror.

They trailed along side the beach.
Little breezes crept over polished water;
Ran towards the sand in lazy cottons
And touched their feet.
Birds were flying above their heads;
Flashed up and down in happy songs.
Hand in hand they beheld the beauty
Of their new found paradise.

But then birds’ songs turned into witch-like cries;
Echoed one after another.
Bright colors turned into gray
When from the water a predator
Came out hungry for prey.
In her own eyes, the violent whale took him away.
With tear-blind eyes she bowed,
His spectacles in her hands.
Her hands were free! They’ve been freed!
She jerked to run after him. She needed him back.
But lo! Her feet were bounded with chains.

The fire, hungry like a devil,
Crept along the branches;
Consumed the trunk of the towering mango tree,
Determined to reach the fruits.
She watched the healthy fruits gave in,


  1. I never really pay much attention on what my dream means but reading this made me interested now. :)

  2. Wow...Gleen what a very beautiful and deep poem.

    I have to say you had in in a very real visual there.

    AS far as dreams go....YIKES....mine are all to weird to even repeat. I would scare myself if I tried to analyze those puppies. I think I will leave them where they belong and that is in the dark:)


  3. I'm so sensitive . and i real got feared only reading this

  4. i don't remember my dreams hardly ever. it is usually the really strange ones that tend to stick in my mind but i never know what they mean. it sounds like you have a great understanding of what your dreams mean to you.


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