Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why some women love to gossip a lot?

Women are known to talk more compared to men. They love to gossip among other women and to talk just about anything. Most women love to talk about bags, shoes, make up, clothes and boyfriends or husbands while some prefer to talk about facts and thought provoking topics. Chitchatting among girls and talking about people is what we call gossiping. However, some women go beyond the typical chatting for girls. These women make gossiping an expertise that they can’t seem to live without it. Their hands and feet sweat for any news tossed to them. Their eyes widen and their ears expand when they do malicious ear-droving. And the worst thing about them is that they crave for dirty small or big nonsense. Most of the time, if they can’t dig dirt about someone, they twist some truths [add or minus] and make it a splash. I understand that this is how some tabloids, celebrity magazines or journalists earn their living, and however, even some plain creatures earn their PhDs in gossiping. Let us take a look at why these females love to gossip a lot.

These women are insecure. What can they do more to cover their flaws and broken self-esteem than to talk about other people so as to divert attentions away from them? That’s right. People who gossip more are the biggest insecure on Earth. When they talk, they seem to be perfect and they picture their target as trash. That boasts their self-esteem. Geez!

These women are bitter about their lives. Have you met women who are so bitter about how their lives turned out? I did. I tell you, it is totally unfortunate to have to see them everyday. They have so much garbage that they look for trash cans to empty their load. Gossiping is a way of emptying.

These women are lazy. They have so much free time to spend in gossiping, does that not mean they're lazy? I can’t even get time to finish writing my novel, or finish my cross-stitch, or start my long-time planned yoga, or start revising my TOEFL reviewer not even listen to the CD, or start learning my ‘latest Microsoft Excel Tutorial Modules” because of too many things to do even if I always sacrifice sleep. How could these people find time to search for dirts?

These women are worse than scavengers. Oh, I so love this reason. Why? Scavengers in water search for dirts to eat and absorb them. They are there to clean the seas and oceans. But what about the high caliber gossipers? Well, they also search for dirts, but when they eat them, they release them double dirty.


  1. Well said Gleen.
    I have always lived by...if you have nothing nice to say...say nothing at all.

    Gossip or gaining satisfaction from hearing something negative about people is definitely a sign of weakness.

    Get a life...I say to those who crave to pass on the dirt.

    Scavengers is too good a word for them ;)


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