Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back with renewed energy to blog

Yes, I’m back now with renewed energy after a month of idleness. My blog archive shows only four entries for the month of July. That was very idle. It was not that I felt lazy last month, but it was that I was on a vacation at my parents place in Palawan, Philippines. My parents own a retail store and adjacent to it is my sister’s whole sale store of grocery supplies and drinks. I found out when I was there that the store is very busy. I couldn’t just sit down, I had to help out. The store opens at six in the morning and closes at ten at night. After the store closes, we had to pack water to put in the big freezer for ice. It’s very in demand. After we finish preparing for everything we need for the next day, only then I could retire to the house to have a shower and prepare for bed. But if you think I immediately sleep because of tiredness, well I don’t. I had to wait for my boyfriend’s call which would be around midnight because he lives in a country that is six hours late. He could just make a call after work. Because I sleep very late everyday, I also wake up very late. But once I wake up, there are just too many things to do that the day goes too quick. It’s a blessing that we have a helper who can do the house chores. If we don’t, it would just be too hard.

So basically, that’s how I spent my vacation, working in the store. I was unable to visit around the island of Palawan or visit the friends that I planned to see. I did see some old classmates from college and high school but only because they dropped in the store. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen anyone.

Now I’m back in Bangkok and have all the time in the world to do what I want or what I need. I arrived on the 30th July but I was very groggy of tiredness and jet lag that I had to wait to get back my mood to blog. I woke up very late again today and felt that it’s time to start again. I feel guilty to all the good friends who keep dropping in my page but whose visits are left unreturned. But since I got my energy back now, I will always be around again to share my thoughts and to gain from others’ thoughts.


  1. Welcome back to full gear of blogging. :)

  2. So cool Gleen that you managed to get away even if it was to help your family out.
    I am sure they appreciated your sweet and crazy personality as much as the work you helped with.

  3. thanks for your comments guys. And that's true D! My family always misses my craziness, lol. :)

  4. we are not only blogreading but we share about it..

    lama ndak mampir nee... kangen ... !! hehehe...

    salam cinta dan damai ...
    met bobok
    dan met malem....

    are you like studying english ?


Thank you for your time. I'll get back to you soon. :)