Friday, July 10, 2009

The value of a simple “Thank you”

I love giving gifts. I feel that unexplainable happiness when I see someone’s face brightened up while receiving my gift. I give gifts to friends and love ones. I even feel oblige to give alms to those disadvantage people sitting beside the streets. Whenever I come home, I always make sure that I’ve got some presents. However, choosing gifts is always not easy. You have to consider the likes and dislikes of the receiver. You also have to make sure that stuff you choose to give such as clothes and shoes would fit. It is even much difficult to buy gifts for love ones you have not seen for quite a time. And yet, even if you are not obliged to give, you give gifts anyway because it is your way of expressing love and care.

But what happens if your gifts are not appreciated? What would you feel?

I flew all the way from Bangkok to Manila and straight to Puerto Princesa City, after which, I had to travel for two hours through a shuttle van to reach home. I was carrying with me a good 28 kilos of luggage, a 12 kilos hand carry, a laptop and a shoulder bag. I went extremely beyond the allowed number of kilos so I was forced to pay an unbelievable 4,200 baht including both the international and domestic flight. It hurt my pocket but I was thinking that the presents would please my parents, my siblings, some love ones and friends. I chose to let go.

Everyone was happy with what I had for them and they rightfully expressed their happiness and gratitude except my sister whom I heard nothing good about my presents for her but complains. She complained about the expensive shoes I had for her because her toes are too big for them [well, not really too big. She simply got not so sexy toes]. She also complained about the pair suit and skirt I gave for her because her arms are too big for the sleeve [yeah, a little bit bigger arms but does not really look bad]. I was trying to convince her that the shoes and suit just look good on her but she was not convinced anyway. I was hurt so I told her that she does not know how to appreciate. I brought stuff all the way from Bangkok just to be criticized. She said she does not criticize, she simply air what she feels; “Is that wrong?”

“No. It isn’t wrong. My apologies.” Was my answer before I walked away.

My dad intervened after I left explaining to my sister the value of gratitude and appreciation. That regardless of what you feel about the gift, it is important to look at the thought and appreciate. That if she wants to air her thoughts, she should do that in a careful way. That it is all about the approach.

That left me with some thought provoking questions. The ethics that parents teach their kids while going down the stairs to met aunt Griselda to say “Thank you. This is such a nice gift.” no matter what, is it right? Or is it a form of white lies? Is it better to say exactly what you think of the gift for the essence of being true?

I don’t know what you think. But for me, I just say thank you and smile for any gift given to me even if I don’t really like it. I look at the intention and the thoughts and I appreciate.

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  1. I am mean, I think. Coz I say the sweetest thank you when i receive gifts, but when i don't like 'em, i laugh my heart out! LOL No, I don't complain, I just give them to people who would be please receiving them.

    Hey hey! Pics sa Puerto Prinsesa bi? I haven't been to that place and so I would be happy to see beautiful spots! ;-) Enjoy your vacation sis! When are you coming back?


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