Friday, July 17, 2009

A rare family video

Once the kids start to go to the universities, find work and get married, getting together becomes a rare occasion. This is true to us. It´s always fun when all the siblings come home and have a reunion at our parents' house.

In this video, I'm introducing to you my family. We were having a picnic at our new bought land which has a river. It is located just below the Estrella falls, one of the fascinating water falls in town. The video above shows how much fun it is to be in our family.


  1. Oh what fun they are having.
    So nice to see your family and you !
    Then we even are honored to hear you talk and

    Thanks so much for sharing your family with us.


  2. wow sis! ka-nice ba diha oi! lami man kaayo ihumol! lol hmmm... maypa diha sa inyo, naa pay sapa nga tin-aw pa kaayo. sa mindanao, wa na mi makit-an ing-ana nga maliguan pa. tua ra guro sa tumoy sa bukid!

    it feels good to be home just by seeing your video! i have to watch this again tomorrow. hehe... wa naku nahuman. nag-add man ko ug blogs gud nga i'll follow and u'r one of them!


Thank you for your time. I'll get back to you soon. :)