Friday, July 10, 2009

My cat is a doting mom

I´ve been living abroad for four years now. When I left the Philippines, I had to leave behind my four cats. My cats were unique in there own ways. The eldest was quiet, neat and jealous. The second eldest was playful and a comrade of the first. The third was the most playful, most adventurous and troublesome among the four. The youngest was sickly but the sweetest of all. Yet, even if I had been away from home for such a long; my love for them was always with me. Whenever I made a call to my parents and siblings, I never failed to ask about my cats. I´ve always missed them.

However, when I reached home for the first time since I left, none of my cats were alive. All of them were gone. They were survived by their grandchildren and some great grandchildren. I had been longing to my cats. How sad it was to be met and snuggled only by their children? If it's a compensation, the grandchildren manifested the same characteristics as those of their grandparents and their looks were distributed among the youngs.

Two little kittens greeted me "Myawww!", a sound for "hello" when I entered their territory - a male and a female. The female cat had just bore four kittens. She was such a doting mom that I couldn't resist taking her video.

See her cuddle and breasfeed her little ones. She too, now rests in peace.


  1. Cats are awesome..they are so independent of a humans, they are intelligent and can be very comforting.

    As all animals they love unconditionally :)

  2. good and nice blog... i like you'r blog design. it's amazing my friends!!!

  3. naa na ka sa pinas sis? wow! pics bi! aron feeling pud naku naa ko sa pinas ba! hahaha!

  4. So cute cat and kitten


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