Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why do some bloggers ask for link exchange but after you added them they don’t add you back?

I found it disappointing that a number of blogs on my blogroll that were added for quite a time already failed to add me on their list. Why do they ask for link exchange if they are not capable of linking back? I really feel disgusted. Now, I am checking carefully one by one if any of the blog listed on my blogroll is worth taking the space on my page. I am reminding them to add me back but some are just quiet. Perhaps they are busy but for whatever reason, if they could not add me back, then I believe they have to be deleted from my list. Why, they just crowd my blogroll for nothing.

So for any visitors who wish to exchange link with me, please be responsible to add me back. I always make sure that I link properly to both my blogs those who ask me to and I hope that they must do the same.


  1. Yeah, i found this situation at my blog too. I immediately delete their link. :)

  2. hi Dana, yeah, that's exactly what i'm doing - cleaning up my blogroll :)

  3. hey, i've added u already right?..whew...okay..i only ask to exchange links if the blogger has interesting stuff for me to keep visiting..that is why they're FAVORITES...yeah,just clean them out of your!

  4. Hi Gleenn, just want to inform you that I've added your links (Both of your blog) FOR A LONG TIME TOO !!!

    Don't you see my "Friends Link" section??? It's below the shoutmix. I already tell you several times about this a long time ago!

    PLEASE LOOK AT MY "FRIENDS LINK" VERY CAREFULLY!! IT'S BELOW THE SHOUTMIX !!! your link name is "Gleenn" and " Creative Fashion"

    Sorry, but it's suck when you tell me that I'm not linking your blog.

    If you still thinking that I'm not linking your blogs, fell free to delete my blog's link from your blogroll and I'll delete your link too!

  5. Hi Angga,

    apologies to you but i did see your blogroll even before you post your above comment. My post was referring to about twenty blogs that I had added but were not linking back to me. As you can see, your blogs are still in my blogroll. Thank you for linking :)

  6. LOL...good one.
    I have not had that problem yet....probably because I hesitate to add links the first time a person requests it.

    By the time I do add...they have already added and are getting irritated with me:) for not adding :)

    I also think some of those bloggers just randomly leave that request on every blog.....not intending to add you.



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