Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where to go when you ran out of topics to blog?

Writers are always expected to produce unique and original contents. However, in the world of blogging where you are expected to publish multiple contents on a daily basis, there are times that you ran out of ideas. Do you rock your head too hard to force it to come up with a useful material? What if your mind is too tired? Well, you don’t have to worry because there are so many sources on the net where you can pick up materials worthy of discussion without plagiarizing. Yahoo question and answer is one of them. There are so many questions raised in there that could be quality materials. Choose questions that interest you and try to answer them. Also, read what other yahoo users are saying about that particular question that you picked, compare their opinions to what you think and from there, you can form your article. There are still many other websites with question and answer forums that you can visit. The best thing about picking up topics from such forums is that you are always sure that the material is of beneficial to a set of people, thus, beneficial to the real world.


  1. Very useful tips my friend. :)

    *go to yahoo answer*

  2. nice blog and having lots of stuff here,.......

  3. I usually get my best creative thoughts when I am running or kayaking because that is when I am not trying to think :)

    Thought provoking question my dear girl :)

  4. great post..I am impressed. Sounds like you are enjoying blogging to the max. Not only that you have also found helium, ezine and AC. I used to get paid blogging but I got busy and couldn't post on a daily basis. Sayang it was a lucrative hobby sana. I was getting paid $1 for every post and I was maintaining 4 blogs hahahah. it was actually bawal but I used my husband's name for the other one. Anyway, keep up the good job!


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