Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank God I’m swine flu negative

Yes, I thank God that I’m swine flu negative; however, I’m reaping what I sowed. As you noticed, it has been six days that my site seemed to be too quiet, no new entries, no new updates. It was because I fell very sick this week. My body just couldn’t stay quiet anymore after how many months of abuse that it finally spoke before it was too late. I had a very bad cough that refused to listen to some over the counter drugs and it became so painful and stopped me from getting sleep. The cough was much subdued at day time but was coming at night like a nightmare it was completely horrible. Simultaneously, I had my period non-stop for four weeks and I was just losing a lot of blood the reason that I was feeling so weak. They all came like full blow. I had no choice but to listen and seek some medications.

I was worried when I went to the hospital – worried that I might have been infected with the Influenza virus called the swine flu. I received a false alarm that the student that I am tutoring who was ill last week was diagnosed with a swine flu. The boy was indeed having a fever and some coughing the last time I had a one-hour class with him but I did not mind it because I myself was having some cough. When I got to the hospital, the doctor sent me for a swine flu test. Some samples of saliva from the throat were taken using a long tube-like thing. I was asked to open my mouth and say “Aaarrrrrghhhhh…” to enable the nurse to scoop some saliva from inside the throat. Because the nurse was taking quite a lot of saliva, I ended up coughing and it was a little bit painful. I felt too relieve after about forty minutes of waiting, the result turned out negative.

My doctor then sent me to have a chest X-ray to see what was causing my bad coughing. I had to have an X-ray because two days earlier, I already had a doctor from the same hospital checked me and gave me medications that were not working. When I felt that the medicines were not helping and I was getting worse, I decided to book to another doctor, this time, an American. The doctor then found out through the x-ray that the veins from my heart connecting to my lungs were inflamed. He said it was “acute bronchitis”. He told me that it was a good idea that I came back immediately because shortly, the bronchitis would turn to pneumonia.

The good news was, as my doctor put it, acute bronchitis is curable. By that, I was glad. After giving me some prescriptions, he then sent me to see a gynecologist to check what was causing my prolonged menstrual period. The gynecologist sent me back to the x-ray room but this time, to have an ultra sound. The ultra sound would enable him to identify if there was anything not normal inside my uterus and ovary. I was extremely anxious to know what was wrong inside me; however, the gynecologist was unable to see the results on that day because he was scheduled to do a surgery. He asked me to instead leave my phone number so he could give me a call when he has the results. Thus, my anxiousness was extended.

Two days later, groggy with all the medicines given to arrest the bronchitis, I received a call from my gynecologist informing me that everything is normal inside, there is nothing to worry. The bleeding was caused by some hormonal change that was possibly contributed by too much stress and lack of sleep. He had some prescriptions for me to stop the bleeding and get my period back to normal.

The sad part of the story? I had to be absent from work for few days in such a very wrong timing now that we are having our final examinations. Also, a couple of doctor visits, a number of testing, x-ray, ultrasound and medicines just has gotten my whole month of tutorial income even. I lost weight and I lost my appetite.

Now, that is something worth a lesson. The phrase “Health is wealth” has been so overheard for long but came ringing back to my ears when I was confronted with illness. Too much work and lack of sleep resulting to sickness was actually not part of my “working on getting out from the rat race”.


  1. Goodness Gleen...I am more than happy that it was not any worse.

    Truer words have never been spoken about the wealth of health.

    Money can buy you just about everything but health and happiness.

    Do take care and REST:)

    People underestimate the power of rest:)


  2. Indeed sis, I second DorothyL's motion: money can buy anything but health and happiness. And Love. Ahhhh.... thank God you're safe!

    Mao diayng namingaw diri ha. Sige, pagaling ka! Kuyawa gud sa imong period? Maabot ug 4 weeks? Hala, mahutdan man tag dugo ana oi. Ako nga tag duha ra ka adlaw gani, apoy man gani, samot ng 4 weeks! Anyway, thank God you're now ok...

  3. good article gleen.... healthy is very important for us...

    nice to know u gleen!!

  4. I agree Health is wealth because health is more expensive than money.


Thank you for your time. I'll get back to you soon. :)