Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do teachers only go into teaching because they’re a big kid inside?

This is a very interesting question that I came across tonight. Is it because teachers do not want to leave school and hang out with older people out in the real world that they go into teaching? Is it because they can woo younger people while at the same time get paid? Is it because that teachers do not have lives and they would rather kill their time doing all the mountains of school work even bringing them at home while their pay check reflects a not so impressive salary? Is it because these teachers are just lame they could not apply the theories they learned so they would rather teach? Or is it that teachers are simply retards they got their jobs so they can boss kids around?

An answer to these questions could be that teachers chose their profession because they are attracted to it. They have a love of learning and an even greater love of sharing it with others. It is a very unselfish profession.

Teaching in general is a poorly paid and mostly a thankless profession. Teachers are not appreciated for their commitment and for their effort to do their best to give what they have and to teach what they learnt to their students.

If everyone decides to hang out with the older people in the real world, could you imagine how the real world would be like?

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