Saturday, June 6, 2009

Alexis and Pooh

I don’t know what is enigmatic with Pooh that it is so well loved by babies [and even by some adults]. Maybe it’s the big tummy that make it so cuddly, or its big pout that makes it so kissable, or its color – a very striking yellow that highlights anything black in its body, or simply its being Pooh itself.

Alexis Jade turned one year old last month, 26th May. She loves Pooh a lot. When she is crying, Pooh can smooth her and make her smile. She will kiss pooh on the mouth, hug it tightly, rock it in her small arms and burry her face on its tummy [funny thing is, Pooh is as big as her]. If I would carry her and she is in bad mood, she knows how to refuse with sharpness that is so funny to see from a baby. Then, I would take Pooh instead and hug and dance with it around. That would make Alexis jealous. Not that she would want to be carried but that she would want her Pooh back. If here mom takes her to the store and she would see even just a tiny Pooh hanging somewhere, she would point it out excitedly saying “Pooh, pooh…!”

When her birthday came, her mom made an invitation card for her party and the card was made up of her photos with Pooh in her arms. It´s very pretty. And she even got a Pooh birthday cake! That said, it shows how Pooh can make a baby’s life.

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